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There Is No Planet "B"


Actions Speak Loudest

There are many things you can do to help Compassion Farm (besides donating to the legal fund) now that you know what's been happening and what's at stake; write letters to Lantzville Council and Mayor Haime, speak your piece in the two local newspapers, alert the CBC, sign a petition, and of course, tell your friends and family!

Contact Lantville's City Council and let them know what you think about urban agriculture and Compassion Farm!

Or individually:

Mayor Jack de Jong
Phone: 250-390-3242

Councillor Joe Bratkowski
Home: 250-390-2767
Office: 250-951-2067

Councillor Brian Dempsey
Phone: 250-390-4222

Councillor Denise Haime
Phone: 250-390-4131

Councillor Jennifer Millbank

Councillor Andrew Mostad
Phone: 250-327-2285

Councillor Graham Savage
Phone: 250-390-3368


Sign a petition! Two have been started for Compassion Farm: one on and one on Care2, the internet's largest petition site. Please sign BOTH and then put them up on your Facebook wall, Tweet them, Stumble or Tumblr them! Thanks!


Email addresses for Editors of our local papers:

Nanaimo Daily News

Nanaimo News Bulletin

The Lantzville Log


Write to BC Agriculture Minister - Don Macrae

Note: if you send a letter to this minister - be sure to ask that Urban Farmer's be added to the Farmer's Protection Act!

Go Public with the CBC! Either submit the Compassion Farm story via or use their form on the website:


Finally, grow some food! You don't need a lot, if any land, to have your own fresh fruits and vegetables. All plants need are sunlight, water and soil. A few pots on your balcony can provide you with an abundance of tomatos or strawberries you never thought you'd get, while a 10x10 plot in the backyard can provide plenty of food for a family and their neighbours! Nothing tastes better than food you've grown yourself. To get started, check out The Home Gardening Guide and of course, Canadian Gardening!