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Compassion Farm: Urban Argriculture Under Attack

Welcome to the online home of Compassion Farm. This website (updated frequently) will contain all the information available on the current actions being taken by Lantzville city council against Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw, owners and operators of the farm. Dirk is also a public speaker and Nicole the chief editor and publisher of Synergy Magazine.

"With what is going on in the world with the current food crisis, together with peak oil, climate change and water shortages, we believe more than ever that sustainability, local food sustainability and urban agriculture is the way of the future... and the future is here, now."~Dirk Becker

Compassion Farm came under attack over one year ago thanks to ongoing complaints by a neighbour and is now embroiled in a legal battle with the Lantzville city council over an outdated bylaw.  

UPDATE: April 24th & 26th: Compassion Farm has been notified by Lantzville Council that they (Council) have a problem with the farm's occasional selling of rain barrels. Please see the timeline for additional information.

To help out the farm, please visit Action Steps.  There you will find email addresses, petitions and more to lend your voice to the urban agriculture cause.

For a step-by-step account of what's been happening with the Farm, please visit the Timeline.

To see some of Compassion Farm and related media, please visit Photos and Videos.

This website is the work of Jennifer Rowe, with permission from Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw, who graciously shared their information and emails to create this space. Any questions or comments about the site itself should be sent to